Mahlee Ashwynne

SCARRED one THE MAXIL MOB .... heat level 3.5



.... prequel to THE CHAMELEORDS...  short story



Two torn souls in a galaxy at war.

An oversight while on a mission sees Virim warrior Talana dar Mivfoj in dire biological need. Breed or die. Her salvation lies in the wreck of an enslaved Terran prostitute, Kerrik Maxil. His salvation lies in the Virim keeping her promise to quickly end his painful, drug-addicted life heading for inevitable death.

A year later she is captured and to be turned over to the enemy Klirtz by her Terran captors. She takes the option of daring and danger for the sake of her daughter to help save another afflicted by the need to breed. Abandoning any hope the father of her child would remember Talana since his cure or overcome his inherent hatred of her species, she underestimates his anger and love when Kerrik pursues her to the world that now offered salvation to his sister. Talana and Kerrik need to face the truths of their pasts to build a future together.


ON TARGET     ... heat level 3.5


An assassin needs anonymity, loose ends tied up. Invisibility is Aldien's hallmark. Svanger slayers have no room for sentiment. Until one woman cracks his icy veneer.

Ace reporter Chaz Halyssion is witness to the assassination of the King of Malthusen. She has it recorded. As one of the few off-worlders there she is under immediate suspicion and on the run. Problem is the real assassin knows she can identify him but he needs her to help him get off-world.

Aldien is the last of the legendary Chameleords. And the best at his job in the galaxy. He never leaves anything to chance. But sometimes meticulous executions go astray in their implementing. And Chaz is his last option for escape. That means she dies once her usefulness is over.

In his darkness Chaz sows a thread of light and hope that Aldien needs to extinguish. With regret. In the end he has to make choices. There are only two options. Kill her, or mind-wipe her and walk away from her forever.